07. 06. 2022

EXEMPLA 2022 The small world exhibition

Finally! The «Handwerk & Design» trade fair, including all its special exhibitions, had to be cancelled twice because of the pandemic, but now it can be held again this summer – together with EXEMPLA. From 6 to 10 July 2022, the special exhibition will present the best works of creative skilled crafts and applied art. Experts and interested laypeople will travel from all across the world to see the sector’s finest and most innovative works.

EXEMPLA is the largest of the three special exhibitions organised by the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. For decades now, it has inspired audiences with its “live workshops”.What's special this year: EXEMPLA will finally be able to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Alongside the latest developments, it will also be exhibiting a “best of” from previous trade fairs: exhibitors and themes that have enjoyed particular success with audiences over the last few decades will be on show again at EXEMPLA 2022 – with products that have been developed further since then, of course.

Several years ago, for example, the glass apparatus maker Sigi Franz from Burghausen impressed trade fair visitors with his glass apparatus for laboratories as well as his glass artworks. He has already transferred his company “Glaspunkt” to younger hands. Now, his successors will be on site to show how they are shaping the future.

Martin Deggelmann impresses with state-of-the-art sheet metal and moulding technology. The car body maker works with a machine power former that enables him to cold clinch, stretch, bend and smooth sheet metal. One example of his work created at his "Martelleria” premises in Forstern, Upper Bavaria, are the giant lampshades at Munich’s Westfriedhof underground station: eleven aluminium domes, each measuring nearly four metres across, designed by famous light designer Ingo Maurer, who died in 2019. Parts of the façade of Munich’s BMW Welt originated from Martelleria too and the company recently produced twelve lift cabins with moulded glass for the Apple headquarters in London. Martin Deggelmann’s Martelleria is also THE place to go for high-quality artisan restorations of classic car bodies. At EXEMPLA 2022 he will be exhibiting a classic car from 1961 that he has restored and rebuilt.

“One step closer to heaven” is the motto of Johannes Schalle and his company Baumbaron in Tegernsee. The master carpenter and construction engineer is a treehouse specialist. Playful and sustainable, treehouses are absolutely on trend. Schalle will construct a whole treehouse in the Hall over the five days of the trade fair.

Returning to ground level with an alternative to the treehouse from Prague: Czech toymaker Martin Lothák will be bringing a large windmill along to exhibit. With so much nature on show, there had to be room for pigs, foxes and goats too: the award-winning hand puppets by Maria Barleben are knitted from fine mohair and alpaca wool. They are produced in a small factory in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Württemberg. With their folding mouths, moving bodies and natural designs, the hand puppets stir the hearts of young and old alike. The domestic animals come across perfectly without any comic exaggeration. Their traditional styling is reminiscent of our grandmothers’ times, but where is nostalgia better placed than in toys?

Also creating artistic toys or, more precisely, playful art is Robert Race. Despite the difficulties facing participants from Great Britain since Brexit, Race will be attending this year's EXEMPLA and presenting his… yes, what exactly? Self-made machines? Kinetic sculptures? Interactive decorative objects? You cannot pigeon hole works by Robert Race.

Christoph Henrichsen is investigating the secret to Japanese timber joints. As a master carpenter, PHD art historian and Japanologist, his knowledge of the art of Japanese timber construction is second to none. He made numerous trips to Japan in his younger years, where he assisted with, among other things, the restoration of historical temple complexes. At EXEMPLA 2022 he will be showcasing his knowledge of all aspects of complex timber joints in Japanese architecture: laypeople will be astonished, experts will be inspired.

Alongside the numerous traditions and innovations in timber, EXEMPLA will also be exhibiting modern metal design. Blacksmiths from Kunstschmiede Bergmeister from Ebersberg will be demonstrating how to forge a memorial cross. Using traditional forging techniques like stretching, clinching, splitting, bending and twisting, Matthias Larasser-Bergmeister and his employees create modern, contemporary forms. There is no fear of a possible demise of forged metalwork memorials at Ebersberg cemetery!

Forged metal will also be on show at the Bettina Dittlmann stand. The goldsmith from Lower Bavaria recently won the renowned Danner Prize. She will be demonstrating the technique of enamelling in a small studio furnace. She and her husband Michael Jank will also be forging their “Fürimmerringe” (forever rings) live and on site: these are traditionally drifted from a single piece of metal.

The colourful, patterned plates and bowls made by Thomas Löber-Buchmann from Halle an der Saale are genuine feats of technical mastery. The experienced ceramicist uses a technique that is similar to planographic and gravure printing. Serving as printing plates are prepared plaster surfaces from which the coloured porcelain engobes that are applied in layers are removed with wet clay. After that collage and inlay techniques or engraved drawings can be added. At the end, the various porcelain layers form one surface full of the illusion of depth, combined with extremely fine details and a broad range of colour effects.

Have you ever wondered where all the cloisters, castles and town halls source their beautiful floor tiles? Probably from near the Bavarian town of Dorfen. These tiles are often not old at all, but newly produced. The company “Attenberger Bodenziegel” makes handmade tiles in warm earthy colours from natural clay, for example, red and brown clays from loess loam and beige-marbled clays from lacustrine clay. At EXEMPLA 2022, the award-winning business will be laying its entire range of natural floor tiles at the visitors’ feet.

The EXEMPLA special exhibition is sponsored by the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. The exhibition is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the basis of a resolution by the German Bundestag.

Further information on the trade fair is available at www.ihm-handwerk-design.com/en.


About «Handwerk & Design»

As part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse (IHM), the «Handwerk & Design» trade fair was established in 2008. The idea behind it is to combine outstanding achievements in the fields of handcraft, creative crafts and design under one roof at the Internationale Handwerksmesse (IHM). During IHM, the focus of everything in Hall B5 at the Munich Exhibition Centre will be on the combination of skilled craftsmanship and good design. The «Handwerk & Design» trade fair is characterised by special exhibitions like EXEMPLA, SCHMUCK or TALENTE – MEISTER DER ZUKUNFT, which are organised by the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

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  • Glassblower at work. Image rights: Glaspunkt
  • Restored classic by Martin Deggelmann. Image rights: Martelleria
  • Treehouse, built by treehouse specialists. Image rights: Baumbaron
  • “Ready for Almost Anything”: moving sculpture with crank handle by Robert Race. Photo: Robert Race
  • Contemporary memorial cross by Kunstschmiede Bergmeister. Image rights: Kunstschmiede Bergmeister
  • “Fürimmerringe” (forever rings), forged from one piece of metal Photo: Ulrike Myrzik
  • Ceramic plate with fish by Thomas Löber-Buchmann. Image rights: Thomas Löber-Buchmann
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