New Faces for the first time at "Handwerk & Design": In 2024, young talents, newcomers and, above all, artists who have never exhibited at the fair before showed their works of art. You could experience: refreshing new interpretations and excellent craftsmanship as well as international artists from the jewellery and design furniture sector.    

You could find New Faces in Hall B1.

Huiyu Chiu


For the designer from Taiwan, jewellery is a wearable art. Wonderful creations are realised in her studio in the north of France using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Huiyu Chui draws her inspiration from the delicacy of nature and the cycle of the seasons.

Stand B1.601 



A marvellous collaboration of creative and artisanal forms of expression! With her I O S O Y line, textile designer Barbara Weigand pushes the boundaries of practicality towards art by incorporating Diemut von Funck's artistic photographs!

Stand B1.637 



Thomas Poganitsch's products are characterised by their fascinating minimalism. Their simple design in combination with the materials used have a timeless effect and invite viewers to take a closer look.

Stand B1.135 

Aura Jewellery


The artist brings magic to the world of jewellery: the works are cut with heart and hand, with colourful natural stones, laconic and imprecise in form. Passion and warmth characterise the unique pieces.  

Stand B1.702 



The PR manager has always had a passion for art, craftsmanship and design. When it comes to jewellery, she can combine all three areas. Her enthusiasm for realising her creative ideas with her hands can be felt in every piece. 

Stand B1.234  



MAXLUZI was born out of a shared passion for designing and building beautiful things. "Designing life in detail", giving permanence to the things that surround us, is our goal. Life and work go hand in hand. Family life, country life and workshop life come together to form a meaningful whole for us.  

Stand B1.702 

Itamar Yehiel


His extraordinary method reintroduces embroidery as a fine art and embodies both innovation and tradition. Thoughtful framing creates the illusion of floating, reinforcing the tension between the traditional craft and the artist's contemporary creations. 

Stand B1.636 

Felix Votteler


He crafts delicate, thin-walled vessels and objects from wood on his lathe. He intentionally highlights imperfections and knots narrating the stories of the trees. Each tree is associated with individual tales, whether it is about the tree in the childhood garden or encountered during the daily commute.

Stand B1.441 

Lilian Bieri 


Goldsmith Lilian Bieri creates wonderful pieces of jewellery with great attention to detail according to her customers' personal ideas. Her unique pieces and small series become daily companions, lucky charms, storytellers and bring a smile to your face! 

Stand B1.702 

Sculpture Nomad


The sculptures by Sculpture Nomad transcend the boundaries of language. What words cannot grasp can be clearly felt in these unique works.  

Stand B1.234 



In search of a new creative challenge, Daniela Stattmann founded Mooserie. A wonderful way of designing walls with a natural material that has always inspired her. Each project is unique and is made by hand at her workshop. 

Stand B1.233 

Gina Melosi


Gina Melosi loves working with the elements: playing with the magnificence of the natural world and collaging it into another form, mixing in emotions, details, dedication, and passion. She applies various influences from the art world int other conceptual design repertoire. 

Stand B1.439 

Kana Umdeda


Glass jewellery is like wearing light - it captures the light around you and reflects the inner beauty of the person. Each lovingly handcrafted piece by Kana Umeda, an artist and designer from Japan, has its own unique shape and adds a personal touch to your style.

Stand B1.601 

Maribel Lugue


She has successfully translated her art from large canvases to small jewellery pieces without compromising its expression and power. Her art in small doses is akin to "Art Pills" – handmade, vibrant, and unique pieces that complement each other, enabling you to discover your own exclusive universe within each piece.  

Stand B1.235 



Fantastically soft, light as a feather and timelessly beautiful! Each scarf is made by hand with great attention to detail. The Austrian-Indian family business attaches particular importance to the highest quality and manufactures according to centuries-old craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation. Each scarf is unique - a work of art to cosy up with!

Stand B1.233 

Stefan Mocanu


His works combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, utilising a variety of materials and techniques. This type of narrative manages to invite the viewer into a conversation about another world. 

Stand B1.702 

Kintei Sense


Japanese ceramics are the powerful and timeless encounter of the essential elements Earth, Water and Fire with true creative spirits. KINTEI Sense Gallery invites you to discover the fascinating world of Japanese ceramics and tells you the stories behind the unique creations.   

Stand B1.234 

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